What is Mediation?

Mediation is communication. We need communication. Not a newsflash right? If we know this then why do we have disputes? We know we can’t read each others mind, so we have the tools right in our hands. Why don’t we just communicate? The answer is perception. We can picture in our head exactly what we want, but it’s difficult sometimes to explain it to someone else. Add that they already have a different picture in their head and the explanation is even more challenging. Toss in any element of emotion, and it’s a wonder we can communicate at all. This is where mediation is useful. It is much easier to convey your thought to a neutral third party (me!) and much more effective than the typical results of a dispute. Not that yelling, anger, and court action can be completely eliminated by mediation; but it sure can be a further away part of your history.


Here We Go!

I want to offer explanations for people on what mediation is, and how to find the resolve we are all looking for in so many areas.  If you can have patience with me as I learn the blog world, there will be a lot we can learn from each other.

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