Silly Fear

I am in awe at how much fear can hold us back.  We know this of course, and are continuously exposed to cute and encouraging posters, quotes, and other media driven reminders that we need to face our fears.  Somehow, even with all this apparent support, we can find ourselves stuck in the very behavior we just posted a sarcastic encouragement of avoiding.  

Help me out here if I’m mistaken, but it can happen to anyone.  Even the most loved of celebrities have “crash” moments (or years) of not being able to see enough strength in themselves to overcome something.  Clearly the cause of being frozen in fear doesn’t have to be the same for everyone, but I think the universal setback experienced is that we are with held from doing something we are perfectly capable (and maybe even overqualified) to do by literally being our own road block.  

So let’s knock it off! Easier said than done that’s for sure; but I resolve to find something every day for the next week here that I am the only thing stopping myself from doing.  The examples leading me to this range from recalling moments years ago in parenting where eye contact and communication were far more effective than allowing frustration to interfere with communication- to just today when trying to draft a legal document I had myself so worried about the phrases and how to word them that I totally forgot how easily it comes to me once I get the basic facts typed out.  Both are simple examples of things I already knew.

What got in the way? Silly Fear.  That’s all.  Fear that I wouldn’t get out the door on time if my child was in charge (there’s a newsflash) and fear that I would’t be able to complete a legal document. When I break it down and look at that sentence it seems so simple it’s silly.  

So maybe once in a while we need more than a cute poster, or quick witted sarcasm to remind us to overcome our fears, and maybe sometimes our fears are less obvious, more debilitating, and more our own fault than we’d like to admit. 

On that note; here I go.  Legal document typed.  Roadblock placed by my own silliness safely removed.  

I am ready to move on.


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  1. Well said, Belinda. I look forward to your journey as you discover what more you can do, versus dwelling on any obstacles. Recent conversations have reinforced my belief that, when face with a challenge, you really have only two choices: “live” with it (in which case nothing will change), or “deal” with it. The second is far more empowering.


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