Litigation vs Resolve

Many of our disputes are headed toward litigation. Many are already in the middle of it.  Unfortunately, “lawsuit”, and “court action” are likely words you are familiar with.  The reason this is unfortunate is that there are other options available.

Many people feel that the only way to get a conflict resolved is to have a Judge tell the other person what to do.  It’s not uncommon to feel that a Judge or authority is the only way to “get through” to the person you are in conflict with.  My experience however, has been that no one likes to be told what to do.  It has also been my observation that the results of a dispute settled by a Court rarely makes anyone happy.  Even when people feel that they “won” in court, it is not a good feeling they leave with.  The cost alone of the litigation usually dampens any good feelings available.

What I’m describing here is that it’s more pleasant to choose to do something you don’t want to do (ie: compromise) than it is to be told to do something you were going to do anyway.   That’s simple human nature.  We want a choice, and we want to feel like the decision made was ours.

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