Back to School

Some great ideas that I share with all of my clients who deal with parenting schedules. We tend to look at our scheduled time as our own, and quickly learn that as the children get older and more involved in school or other activities- we are subject to their schedule instead of the other way around.


Back to SchoolIt’s that time of year again when the beach trips, camps, and pool days are over and the back to school hustle begins. In addition to shopping for new clothes, shoes, and backpacks, parents are figuring out exactly how many boxes of tissues one class really needs and why aren’t there any three-prong, two-pocket, yellow plastic folders in the entire city? Then, beyond the stuff, comes the schedules. Parents have to learn their child’s new schedule during the school day, any new drop-off or pick-up procedures and after-school and weekend activities. All of this is enough to make anyone’s head swim. If you’re co-parenting you now have an extra job: coordinating all this between the two of you in as peaceful a way possible.

With all the modern (and free!) technology available these days coordinating schedules between co-parents doesn’t have to be a struggle. Most schools have several different ways for…

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